Raiders Sports Club

In the 1984, under the original name of "Save our Sports", the Raiders Sports Club was founded by local families in Red Hook, NY, after a sports budget vote failed to pass. These families raised the funds needed to keep sports operational for student athletes in the RHCSD. Today the club is a non-profit booster club for all sports and student athletes in RHCSD.

What We Do

With the funds we raise, we can then provide financial support to the Red Hook Schools Athletic Department for non-budgeted items and services. Most recently we have been able to provide:Awards and Stipends
• Scholarships to graduating senior athletes
• Per-diem stipends to all athletes who attend State competition(s)
Player money reimbursement to coaches for rostered athletes participating in district sports (modified - varsity)
Athlete Health and Safety
• Safety equipment
• Training table for new athletic trainer position
• Hudl coaching software
• iPad for Volleyball and basketball
** Sports**
- Wrestling competition spot light and chairs
- Baseball pitching machine
- Multiple sports score boards
- Storage Sheds for Track and Field

Our Board Members

Paul Chevalier - President
Vice President - Vacant
Kevin Cavanaugh - Recording Secretary
Mary Hare - Correspondence Secretary
Traci McGee - Treasurer


We need active members as well as volunteers to help with our fundraising activities. Approximately 50% of our current active members no longer have a student involved in sports programs. We are grateful for their continued service but need new members and volunteers. Membership fees for the 2023-24 Academic school year are $5 for an individual and $10 for a family. The Sports Club recommends attending a monthly membership meeting for more information. Membership meetings take place at the Red Hook high school cafeteria and start at 7pm. Membership Dues can be paid in person or electronically through venmo. Please use the memo "membership dues" before selecting pay.Meeting dates for 2023-24
December 6th, January 10th, February 7th, March 13th, April 3rd, May 15th, and June 5th.
* Location and dates are subject to change with notice
* Voting members must attend 3 monthly memberships meetings in an academic year and have dues paid in full

Upcoming Events

Sports Club Del's Roadside Fundraiser
June 5th 12-7pm
Raider Gear for sale:
Adult Hooded Sweatshirt (S-XL) $40
Adult Hooded Sweatshirt (2XL) $42
Youth Hooded Sweatshirt $35
Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt (S-XL) $30
Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt (2XL) $32
All T-shirts $20
License Plate Holder $10
(cash and venmo payment accepted)

Contact Us

PO Box 469
Red Hook, NY 12571

If you would like to donate now use the venmo link below. Please message "donation" in the comment section before selecting pay.

The Raiders Sports Club would like to provide you with some important information regarding the upcoming May 2024 ballot vote for Capital Projects, which were discussed at the last Board of Education meeting, included in this vote will be athletic projects located at the high school, namely improvements to the gymnasium and track, as well as construction of a multi-use artificial turf sports field. At the meeting, it was announced that a total estimated cost for all projects (including the transportation proposal) was approximately $15 million. If passed, examples displayed by district administrators showed that an estimated home value of $400,000 would see a tax increase of $47 per year, without star exemption.Prior to the public comment portion of the meeting, the Athletic Director shared photos and data showing the need for repair at the proposed locations. They noted:- Gymnasium seating is sixty years old and no longer compliant. Wood floors in the gym have been used heavily and it is showing. The high school gymnasium is the most frequently visited area by the community in all the district.- Currently all sports fields (soccer, field hockey, football, and lacrosse) are natural turf and have exceeded their timeline. On average, natural fields should be repaired or replaced every 15 years. The football/lacrosse field located inside the track is approaching 22 years and the varsity soccer field is at 24 years. A multi-sport lined field constructed of man-made material to be used not only for sporting events but as an educational space has been proposed. The Athletic
Director made the point that artificial turf allows more access time for students compared to natural turf.
- Bundled with this new field would be LED lighting and a new track surface for events and the community to use.With proper maintenance and care, turf fields have an average life-span of 15 years. Part of the proposal included the removal and recycling of a turf field. Companies now have the ability to recycle components of the artificial turf to re-use for replacement surfaces. A valued argument made during the public comment period of the BOE meeting was maintenance funding. With any capital project, due to the tax cap, after completion future expenses tend to be directed at other needs. For safety reasons and future cost savings, maintenance of all capital projects, current and future, need to be considered with long term budgeting.Currently due to the delicate nature of the district fields, community access and use by youth programs is limited or not allowed at all. With the creation of a new multi-sport artificial turf field it was expressed that the community would also benefit from use of that space. Allowing youth programs to compete on a district field that has a direct link to student athletes' location of education could create more participation in a sport and pride within the community as well.Many district coaches spoke passionately that evening at the BOE meeting about the benefits of sports and physical activity. Some noted the drastic difference between their teams and their opponents when competing on artificial turf, particularly in wins and losses. Others discussed the issues with current playing fields like turf quality and water drainage. Another emphasized the point that much like their work space in the classroom, providing the best possible platform for student athletes to learn lessons should also exist. Finally they argued that a new field, track,
gym seating, and flooring, would be much safer not only for the students but the public and spectators.
The Raider Sports Club feels that updated sports facilities offered for both girls and boys sports, will give the players the advantage athletically that they already have academically. We believe another opportunity to discuss the proposed Capital Projects will engage more students and community members that make this town so great. The next opportunity to participate in that discussion, as well as gather more information, will be at the “Community Conversations” BOE meeting on the evening of March 6th at 6pm in the LAMS cafeteria. Attendees must RSVP by March 1st through email at: More opportunities will be provided by the district before the May vote and the Sports Club encourages you all to follow us on social media for those updates.The Athletic Director, Tom Cassata, can be contacted at 845-758-2241 x18800 for more specific questions and information as well.